Sports Rules

Sports Rules

General Rules

Rules Basketball

Please note: 

  • You should bring indoor sport shoes

  • Basketball is played with a six-team group stage on Thursday and two three-team group stages on Friday, the latter deciding the winner. The top three teams on Thursday qualify for the winners group, the bottom three for the losers group.

  • Don’t forget to fill in the scoresheet after the match, write down the number of scored points for each team

  • Don’t forget to referee the matches your team is assigned to

Basketball at the ONCS 2022 is played 6v6. Further rules are based on the rules of the FIBA. The most important rules are:

  • For the game, a traditional basketball court is used, including the regular free throw line, 2-point line and a no-charge semi-circle underneath the basket.

  • The team that comes first on the game sheet will get first ball possession.

  • Every shot from within the arc is awarded 2 points.

  • Every shot from outside the arc is awarded 3 points.

  • Every free throw (given after a serious offense) is awarded 1 point. Generally, one free throw is awarded at a serious offence. However, if the foul is committed at a shooter, multiple free throws are awarded: 2 for a 2-pointer shot and 3 for a 3-pointer shot.

  • After a goal the non-scoring team resumes the game by passing or dribbling the ball into the arc. The other team is then not allowed to play for the ball in the no-charge area under the basket.

  • After an unsuccessful field goal or free throw, the offensive team may continue to attempt to score.

  • A player is considered outside the arc when both his feet are in or on the arc line.