Ultimate frisbee

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Number of players: 5
Number of back-up players: 2
Own supplies: Outdoor sport shoes
Location: Sport fields


Frisbee is played according to the rules of Ultimate Frisbee, drafted by the Nederlandse Frisbee Bond.
Most important rules and exceptions on the NFB rules are:

  • At both ends of the field is the so called ‘end-zone’. In these areas, points can be scored.
  • The goal is to catch the frisbee in the end-zone of the opposite party, which will get your team one point.
  • During kick-off, both teams start at the front line of their own end-zone. The team that has just scored a point throws the frisbee as far as possible, in the direction of the opponent’s end-zone. The opponent is allowed to hit/slap the Frisbee out of the air, then they can start the attack.
  • When the frisbee is caught or picked up, it should be thrown within 10 seconds.
  • It is not allowed to have physical contact.
  • Each time a point is scored, teams switch game halves.
  • The frisbee is out of the field when it doesn’t touch the ground or is caught inside the lines. So, if it touches the outer lines, the frisbee is out of the field.
  • If the frisbee is caught by the other team, touches the ground, gets outside of the field, or is hit on the ground, the team that was previously defending starts the attack from the spot where the aforementioned action happened.
  • When switching players, a player should enter the field on the location his/her teammate leaves the field