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Number of players: 2
Number of back-up players: 0
Own supplies: None
Location: De Heksenketel


Rummikub is played according to the sheet of rules:

  • Before starting the game, all players take a piece and place this faced up on the table. Afterwards, all players put 14 pieces on their standard. The game starts with the player that has the table-piece with the highest value. Afterwards the game continues clockwise.
  • Two teammates sit across of each other with an opponent on each side.
  • Teammates are not allowed to inform each other, neither verbally nor non-verbally, what pieces they have on their standard.
  • The first pieces you put on the table, must form at least one set of 30 points in total (a joker is worth as much as the piece is replaces). Before this action, no individual pieces can be added to other series.
  • A set consists of at least 3 pieces with ascending numbers of the same colour or at least 3 pieces with the same number of different colours.
  • If a player cannot make a move, he or she draws a piece from the pile and his or her turn passes.
  • When someone has played all his or her pieces, all point on the standards of the opponents are summed and all points of the teammate are subtracted. All points are indicated on the pieces; a joker is worth 25 points. The minimal amount of points in one round is 0, when the teammate’s points exceed the sum of points of the opponents.
  • If there isn’t a winner at the end of a round of games, the points on the standards of teammates will be summed. Next, these points are settled as mentioned before, again, a minimum of 0 points is applied.