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Number of players: 3
Number of back-up players: 0
Own supplies: None
Location: Petanque fields


Petanque is played under the rules of the FIPJP.
Most important rules and exceptions on the FIPJP rules are:

  • All balls must be thrown from within 50 cm of the starting point.
  • A game of rock-paper-scissors determines which team first throws the first target ball. The target ball should be thrown 5 to 10 meters away.
  • The first three balls are thrown by the team that threw the target ball.
  • The fourth to sixth balls are thrown by the team that did not throw the target ball.
  • The other balls are thrown by the team that is not closest to the target ball.
  • The winning team receives as many points as the number of balls closer to the target ball than the closest ball of the opponent.
  • The winning team may throw the next target ball and the game restarts. The location of the target ball becomes the new starting position.