Common rules

Each match will be led by a referee. Which team should deliver the referee is stated on the match schedule. In case of a no-show of the referee, this must be noted on the scoresheet. For each time this is the case, one point will be subtracted in the final results of the concerning student association. When the match has ended, the referee hands in the scoresheet at the field manager in the scoresheet box. In absence of a scoresheet, the final score will be noted as 0-0, and one point will be subtracted in the final results of the referee’s student association.

When a team is at least 5 minutes late, or doesn’t show up at all, the game is automatically won by the opponent, with a score equal to the largest difference within that poule on that day. Winning a match will get a team three points, a draw is worth one point and a lost game is worth none. For card games, a different system of scoring is applied.

The final ranking within a poule is determined by the amount of points earned. If multiple teams earned an equal amount of points, the goal difference is decisive. Should this be equal, the following will be reviewed in succession: goals in favour, goals against and the reciprocal result. When the rules do not suffice, the organisation will decide.

If problems occur regarding the score of a game, it is expected that the participants try to find a solution. Should this fail, the concerning field manager should be asked for help. In case help of the field manager still doesn’t lead to a solution, the organisation should be asked for help.

Final ranking

In general, the teams are randomly arranged in poules on the first day of sports. On the second day, the winners from different poules play against each other. The match schedules for the second day of sports will be available on the morning of that day, both digitally and on paper. Some sports will be played as a two-day competition, in this case the final ranking of the poule will be maintained.

The amount of points that can be earned per sport is equal to the total number of participating teams of that sport, with a maximum of 16 points. The team winning first place will be awarded the maximum number of points, the team ending second will receive one point less, etc. For small team sports, all points will be doubled and for large team sports all points will be tripled. Small team sports have 3 to 5 players in a team, large team sports have 6 or more players in a team. In case of participation of multiple teams from one association, that association will only receive points for the highest ranking team.

The final ranking will consist of the sports rankings, the beer relay, the special activity and possible points lost. In both the beer relay and special activity, only the three highest ranking associations will receive points; 25, 20, and 15, respectively.