Bierestafette (Beer relay)

Number of players: 5
Number of back-up players: 0
Own supplies: None
Location: Number Four


  • The beer relay is held between teams of five people. Each study association may participate with a maximum of two teams.
  • Two teams stand on both sides of the referee. When the referee places the empty beer glass on the table, the first people of both teams start drinking.
  • Each person drinks two glasses of beer (so ten per team). The person at the end of the line drinks two beers immediately after each other with only one hand. Then the team members drink beers in inverted order, ending near the referee.
  • The players keep their hands on their backs at all times, except when it is their turn to drink.
  • When a player finishes his/her beer, the empty glass is held inverted against his/her forehead and is placed back on the table. Then the next person picks up his/her beer glass and starts drinking.
  • When the contents of the glass end up in a different place than in the stomach of the player whose turn it is, or when the rules are violated, the organisation may disqualify the team or give a time penalty.
  • The team captain receives a registration form for the beer relay upon arrival. This form should be handed in before lunch on Thursday at the information desk.