Number of players: 2
Number of back-up players: 1
Own supplies: To be announced
Location: Te be announced


The following rules apply:

-There are two teams consisting of two players.

-Only the cards 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K and A are present in the game.

-Every round, a new trump colour is turned from the non-participating cards, the player left from the dealer can play or pass. The first to say “play” plays with his team and needs to obtain more than half of the points.

-The person left from the dealer plays the first card.

-The asked colour must be played during a trick.

-If the colour cannot be played, a trump must be played unless a teammate played the stronger card.

-When trump is played, a stronger trump must be played, except when the asked colour can be played.

-The order of the cards are (from highest to lowest rank):

-Trump: J 9 A 10 K Q 8 7

-Non-trump: A 10 K Q J 9 8 7

-The tricks taken by each team are added to the team’s scoring declarations, according to the following table:


Trump suit Non-trump suits
J 20 A 11
9 14 10 10
A 11 K 4
10 10 Q 3
K 4 J 2
Q 3 9 0
8 0 8 0
7 0 7 0


-Declarations can be made, if a sequence of 3 or 4 is present in a trick scoring respectively 20 and 40 points. Also a declaration can be made if the couple K and Q is present of the trump colour, this earns 20 points.

-The last trick brings 10 more points.

-If the team who “plays” at least as many points as the other team, the taking team has made its contract, and both teams add their scores into their column. If the taker’s team’s points are less than those of the opponents, the takers are “dedans” (inside), and the opponents score 162 points plus the losing team’s declarations, if any, plus their own declarations.