Number of players: 5
Number of back-up players: 2
Own supplies: Indoor sport shoes
Location: To be announced


Basketball is played under the rules of the Nederlands Basketbal Bond.
Most important rules and exceptions on the NBB rules are:

  • A game is played on half a basketball court (a single basket).
  • After ending a dribble, only two more steps may be made. A dribble stops when the ball comes to a standstill or is touched by two hands.
  • Pivoting (rotating with one foot at the same place) is allowed.
  • Scoring from wherever in the field yields 2 points.
  • Switching players is allowed at any moment during the game.
  • The ball must be thrown from the midline if an offense has been committed or a score has been made.
  • If the opponent intercepts the ball, the ball needs to get behind the 3-point line again before scoring. The 3-point line is the half circle around the basket, about 6 meters from the basket.