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Number of players: 2
Number of back-up players: 1
Own supplies: Badmintonracket, indoor sport shoes
Location: Albemarle Hall

Badminton is played according to the duo rules of the Nederlandse Badminton Bond.
Most important rules and exceptions on the NBB rules are:

  • Points are awarded according to the rally-point-system: when the shuttle hits the ground because of a mistake of the party at service, service is transferred to the other party, which also receives a point. If the error is made by the other party, the party at service receives a point.
  • A shuttle that lands on the outer-marking-line is inside the bounds.
  • First service is determined via a game of rock-paper-scissors, afterwards the team that received the last point has service.
  • When a team at service has an even amount of points, service will be taken at the right half of the playing field of that team. If at moment of service the team has an odd amount of points, service will be taken at the left half. Teammates switch sides, when a point is made during their service.
  • Score is counted in points continuously, not in sets.
  • Switching players is allowed at any moment during the game.