Archery Tag

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Number of players: 5
Number of back-up players: 2
Own supplies: Outdoor sport shoes
Location: Sport fields



The object of the game is to get more points than the opposing team in the time given for one game.
The game is played in League Style, this means when one player is hit it stays in the game and only a
point is awarded to the other team.
-The game is played with two teams consisting of five players on opposing sides, separated by a safe
zone in the middle of the field.
-Headshots do not count.
-The masks should be worn at all times.
-The game starts with all the bows in the safe zone in the middle and all the players at the back of
the field on their side. When the game starts the players need to get their bow from the safe zone
and the game is on.
-In the safe zone of the field, no one is allowed to shoot, one can only shoot from their side of the
field. One is also not allowed to go to the opponent’s side of the field.
-1 point is obtained when shooting an opposing player with an arrow in the following areas:
-Players body (excluding the head)
-Any equipment (e.g. bows, arrows)
-2 points are obtained when:
-An opponent’s arrow is caught during flight before it hits the ground