Practical information

All practical information with regard to the Open Nederlandse Chemie Sportdagen, 9th-11th of May 2017 can be found below. Remaining questions can be asked at the service desk or to one of the committee members.

Payment for drinks

During the day, drinks and food have to be paid for directly. You can pay with your card everywhere, except on the Petanque fields. If you plan to buy drinks here, make sure you bring cash!


Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served at “De Heksenketel“. Food will be served in buffet form and everyone can eat at “De Zuidpromenade“. If you are vegetarian or have any allergies, inform your team captain; the main allergies will be handled separately.

Borrel & Party

Both the borrel on May 9th and the party on May 10th will be held in partycentre “Number 4“. The party starts at 21:30h and ends at 03:00h.During both the borrel and party coins are used for drinks.

Bierestafette (Beer relay)

As usual, the beer relay takes place during the party on the 10th of May. Teams can sign up via their team captain, who will hand in the registration form before lunch on Thursday. Each team consists of 5 members and every study association is allowed to enter with a maximum number of teams.


Members of the committee can be recognised by their orange/green dungarees (In Dunglish: garden pants) with the ONCS 2018 logo on it. Volunteers will be wearing an orange t-shirt.

Participants and T-shirts

This year over 750 students will participate in the ONCS. The colors of the T-shirts are presented in the program booklet on page 9.


Your wristband is your entrance ticket, it is obligatory to wear it during the entire event. Without wristband, entrance to the borrel, party and sports facilities will be denied.

First aid and ERO (EHBO/BHV)

First aid can be found near the service desk (see map in booklet). During evening activities, there will be people from the first aid present as well. If something happens at the sports field, the first aid can be contacted via the committee members or one of the volunteers present at the location.

Dormitory & Lockage

The two sport halls will function as dormitory during the night. The room will be divided in rectangles in which all your belongings need to be located. Whenever this is not the case, we have the right to remove you from the sleeping area. At Wednesday night the sport halls will be available after 20.00h and at Thursday night the sport halls will be available after 18.00h. Your lugage can be situated after his time. In the mornings, the sport halls have to be empty before 09.00! Placement of you sleeping gear will be specified.


Don’t take unnecessary valuables with you to the event! Sleeping gear placement will be specified on the event itself.

Lost property

Lost and found properties can be collected at the service desk, which can be found near the entrance. So, if you find something that doesn’t belong to you, please drop it at the service desk or hand it over to one of the committee members/volunteers. Afterwards, photos of the items will be placed on Facebook.

Game schedules

As last two years, the game schedules won’t be available in this booklet. If you want to know the schedule, please check the website, the service desk or the sport halls/fields itselfs. The game rules are presented in a further section of this booklet.